RFID tags

What are RFID tags?

RFID tag is a practical RFID medium designed as a plastic key ring of small dimensions, long lasting and resistant and as such very practical to always have it nearby. The RFID key rings i.e. tags contain a chip and communicate with the reader via radio frequency. It consists of microchip and antenna. It has taken the role of a key and it is used for access control or opening electronic locks.

How do RFID tags work?

RFID is a very practical RFID medium designed as a plastic key ring containing a chip in it through which it communicates with the reader via radio frequency. It consists of two components – a microchip with written data like passwords for accessing certain rooms and an antenna for transferring data.

Advantages of using RFID tags

RFID stands for Radio frequency identification and represents the system of sending and receiving data remotely using RFID plates i.e. transmitters. RFID chip is a tiny element that you can stick or insert into any product or device. It is more practical compared to cards since as a key ring, you can always have it nearby and it does not occupy a lot of space because of its small dimensions.

Where are they used?

They are extensively used in the field of access control and identification as well as in securing important data and tracking working hours. A card with an RFID chip has been more and more used for identification of employees. The number of companies using this simple, economical and practical solution for identification is increasing more and more.

Is it the best solution for access control?

Unlocking using RFID tag is becoming an increasingly popular way for accessing or unlocking special rooms. In other words, RFID tag functions as a key and it is most commonly used in access control or opening electronic locks. Its dimensions make it very practical; it is also waterproof and long lasting. People usually carry it as a key ring or a replacement for RFID card.
Each tag has own unique serial number within its contactless chip.

We can say that the forerunner of modern RFID devices is a covert listening device more popularly known as a bug or wire that sends signals over radio waves. Modern RFID tags operate at frequencies of 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz.

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