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lift up the game to the next level

What are casino cards?

Challenge is the key element in the world of gaming pushing us to explore and overstep own boundaries. Players find it challenging to lift the game to the next level and your challenge is to respond to the requests set by their expectations and the nature of your business. Plastic smart casino cards with RFID technology, contact chip or magnetic stripe can be a real jackpot.

The advantages of using bonus cards

Casinos have manifold benefits from introducing casino cards. Users’ identity and age can be confirmed using casino cards. They can also be required as a mandatory part of membership program and the status of ID card can also be assigned to them, so that way you can follow habits, behavior and requests of players. It will give the answer to the question where players are most willing to invest or which games and machines they are most interested in. This information will help you greatly to make strategic moves in improving your business.

Where are casino (bonus) cards used?






Together with casino cards, you can also offer various benefits within loyalty program, a chance to earn points they can later spend on other contents from your offer like drinks, dinner or other entertainment. The option to use earned points only within your premises guarantees avid users, which is of an utmost importance for business stability.

Various effects on cards

How important is the design of casino cards?

Casino cards should look valuable and luxurious because it represents worth, pride and your brand.

We produce cards using the most modern technology and that’s why our cards make the difference and make you distinct from competition with their striking and unique effects. Such card will make your clients and players feel special and important. If they know you care about them, they will certainly come back. Many players lose their cards or throw them away after the game and ask for another one next time they come. We know how to avoid situations like this.

Card specification

Depending on client’s needs, various technologies can be implemented into plastic cards. No matter if it is a contact card, contactless card or the one with magnetic stripe, all of them have one thing in common – fast and practical use and data protection.

• Contact chip,

• Contactless chip,

• Magnetic stripe.

In order to provide a complete solution, we have included card holders in our offer.

With unique design and branding, these holders may follow and present the image of your company and convey the message of the company’s values to customers in the right way.

Why card holders?

• Practical solution for card packaging

• Point out the amazing look of your card

• Present the image of your company

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