Card holders

What are card holders?

Packaging of gift cards customers get should be practical and beautiful. They are a present, so they should look like it. Card holders should be designed effectively in order to present your company’s brand in the best possible way. We develop a practical solution for loyalty and gift cards packaging following your design but we can also offer a complete solution from design of cards to card holders, two products which simply do not go separately – a card and its holder.

How do holders assist your business?

Simplifies the process of becoming a member

Help marketing strategy

Reinforce your company image

Customers can use the card immediately

How do card holders affect the relationship with customers?

If we see loyalty card as a reward to customers for their loyalty, then it must be worth their trust. Gift card is a present and it should look like one. It should make the moment of giving the present actually the moment to remember. The role of your brand in this case is not small. Your customers give you a chance, so show them that you care. Card holder should highlight the amazing look of the card and that’s why it is important that the card holder is consistent with your brand.

A gift card in a paper card holder

Frequently asked questions

Which industries benefit most from gift cards?

Retail shops, bookstores, jewelry stores, perfumeries, pharmacies, home appliances stores, furniture stores are just some of industries that can grow their business by introducing gift cards.

How to choose the best gift cards supplier?

A reliable partner delivering cards on time will save many resources and, the most importantly, will not leave your customers without gift cards. Besides the unquestionable and constant quality, card production together with packaging and personalization is one thing you have no reason to worry about. A reliable supplier should not fail to deliver gift cards as a final product regardless of the size of the order that is the number of ordered cards.

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